Secure parking for employees or tenants, or turn your vacant lots into profit centers with our parking gates and control systems. Assure maximum income per space and increase profits. We are an authorized factory-trained dealer for the various parking manufacturers listed below.
The Promenade at Howard Hughes
Since our founding in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1986, we have earned an international reputation for technological advances. We quickly became leaders in the industry when we entered the parking equipment market with our barcode-based system. Our success in the Middle East and Mediterranean lead us to expand to the United States in 2006, founding our subsidiary T.I.B.A., LLC in Columbus, Ohio . 

Parking Barrier Gates

Magnetic Autocontrol Group is an economically sound and strong company operating in the high growth market of “vehicle and pedestrian access control” headquartered in Schopfheim (Germany) and subsidiaries in Australia, China, Malaysia, Brazil, India and the USA

Space by Space Indicators

Simple, reliable, cost effective guidance that's quick and easy to install With EasyGuide you can transform your customers' parking experience, build customer loyalty and increase the efficiency of your parking operation.
  • Simple effective guidance
  • Maximizes car park occupancy
  • Eliminates congestion
  • Improves traffic flow

  • Reduces emissions
  • Improves car park air quality

  • Minimal non-invasive installation

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase retention by streamlining your parking operation

Achieve this at a fraction of the cost of other guidance systems.
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