Pechanga Casino Parking Structures (Parking Guidance)

Two large parking structures for one of the largest Casinos/Resorts in the country.   All garages are located in Temecula, at the Pechanga Resort and Casino.  Both garages will be equipped with Parking Sense Parking Guidance System.  There are over 5,000 LED's (red/green/blue/pink/amber) above each parking space, saving time, and the environment.  There are monument style signs in front of the garage entrances, to help guide the guest to the quickest available space.  High Class to say the least!  Lowest Total Cost of Ownership!  Reporting features, Enforcement, are capable, and at the finder tips of the one of the largest Casinos/Resorts in the US. 

JM Eagle (LAX/Century Blvd.)

One fully automated garage. with eight (8) Entry and Exit points.  The garage will be retrofired with TIBA Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS), d various features which are very convenient for both their customer and their business.  This site is located on the Westside of Los Angeles, less than one mile from LAX.  This facility near LAX will be equipped with TIBA PARCS,  Various Validation Types; Online and Off-line, VoIP Intercom with remote payment capability, Web Reservations and much more. 

Loews Coronado Bay Resort

A brisk walk to your own beach, on its own island, the beautiful Loews Coronado Bay Resort.  Just another soon to be happy client of TECH Control Systems, Inc.  The installation of TIBA PARCS with Hotel RFID Key Card/PMS Integration was completed within a very short timeline, and it is something TECH Control Systems, Inc. is very proud of.  TIBA PARCS is a fully integrated Parking Access and Revenue Control System, which is capable of allowing the customer to utilize one Key Card for Hotel Room, and Parking Access.  The customers will no longer have to hunt down a validation, or carry a piece of paper with them for days.  The Hotel Guest will simply use their hotel room key to enter and exit the controlled parking lot with the same card that gains them access to their room.     


Techtonics is located at The Lot is a historic, full-service studio for TV, film, and commercial production. Conveniently located at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Formosa Avenue, The Lot Studios showcases seven sound stages, an on-site post-production facility, seven-level parking structure, upscale restaurant, and a variety of office space..  We supplied  Brivo Building Access Control Systems which has the Lowest-Total-Cost-of-Ownership!  The Access Control System can be utilized for one site, or allow enterprise platforms, which allows the property room for growth.  This site was in need of security, and TCSI was chosen to provide the best Access Control product in the industry.  
China Basin (San Francisco)
China Basin is situated on the San Francisco Bay and is directly across the street from the San Francisco Giants’ ballpark.   One fully automated garage. with two (2) Entry and Exit points, one (1) New Walk-up Pay (Credit Only Chosen) Foot. The garage will be retrofired with TIBA Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS), and various features have been approved, which will prove to be very convenient for both, their customer, and their business.  This facility will be equipped with TIBA PARCS, Pay-on-Entry Capability and on-Exit maneuverability to keep up with the demand of the MLB fans, all the while utilizing the latest EMV/Terminal Based Credit Card Capability.  Additional equipment and applications have been chosen such as, Various Validation Types; Online and Off-line, VoIP Intercom with Remote Payment Capability (CodiPark), Web Reservations and much more.  They will auditing capabilities, via the intuitive reporting capabilities.  The system will have the feasibility to implement an agent card that is pre-loaded with a dollar amount of which will be automatically deducted based on their variable Event Rate.

Fox Studios

Fox Studios, a fully-integrated 50+ acre facility with the diversity to accommodate full-length features, special events, sitcoms, commercials, music videos, still shoots and a variety of other projects. They were in need of proper Parking Control Equipment, more specifically, interested in new Barrier Gates for 18 entry/exit points.  TECH Control Systems, Inc. provides the world leading Magentic AutoControl Barrier Gates.  The Studios went out to public bid for new Barrier Gates, and TECH Control Systems, Inc. was awarded the project.  It was a project TECH Control Systems, Inc. worked on for 3years, until the customer was ready to make the investment.  We are very excited to complete the project, as the installation continues to move along nicely. 
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